H3000 Reverberation Impulse Response Pack

H3000 Reverberation Impulse Response Pack


  • Capture the H3000 series Reverberation.


  • The expanded H3000 D/SX & H3000 SE Captured with 24bit Lynx converters @ the units maximum SR of 44,100.

Not many FX processors are as well-known or compete with the H3000x & rightfully so. This widely used (some might say overused) device is a studio must have. Equally known for its crazy modulation FX it’s Reverbs are in a world of their own..

  • Contains 114 IR’s from the Band Delay, Dense Room, Mod Factory, MULTI-SHIFT, Patch Factory, Reverb Factory, Sweep Reverb, SWEPT COMBS, & ULTRA-TAP algorithms.



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