Powered Bus – Nebula Program

Powered Bus – Nebula Program


  • Flattering bus processor suitable for both mix & mastering bus tasks. (Tape repro amplifier & euphoric transformer balanced Program EQ signal path)
  • Set Low frequency & “Air”  Band enhancing EQ curve.
  • Sought after makeup gain/bus amplifier. Inspired by the Ampex tape deck repro push-pull circuit.
  • Elegant discrete components.
  • Stereo signal path/image.
  • Captured @ 24/96.
  • -20 & -18 calibration standards.


$ (min $1.00)



Back Story

  • This hardware is permanently across my master 2-bus (It’s not leaving anytime soon). I was wishing to use the same euphoric enhancement combination across sub bus paths as well. Hence this program was born.


  • Nebula 3 pro


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