3k ROOMS – Nebula Reverb Programs

3k ROOMS – Nebula Reverb Programs

Goal = capture Nebula Room programs from the 3000 reverb.


  • A continually growing collection of Factory & User defined programs. (Check for newly added programs). The hardware 3k is arguably the most realistic “room simulator” on the market hands-down.

Programs –

Set One.

  • Wooden
  • Vocal Doubler
  • Small Perc
  • Small Natural

Only want a few select programs? Only purchase what you need.


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Nebula has taken the torch from standard IR convolution. This dynamic sampling technology brings hardware realism to the DAW. Learn more about the the Nebula Engine.


  • Nebula Pro
  • Increased L FREQD duration to handle the long verb tails (located on the Nebula MAST page)

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