True M7 – Impulse Pack

True M7 – Impulse Pack


Like true stereo hardware, true stereo IRs  process both the Left & Right channels independently for a more accurate & detailed emulation.

  • Goal = Capture True Stereo IR programs from the “legend in its own time” Bricasti Design M7 Stereo Reverb Processor.
  • 228  impulse files capturing the Ambience, Chamber, Hall, Plate, Room, &  Space  Registers.
  • Independent IR’s from both the Left & Right inputs.  No post processing pseudo stereo expansion, phase shifting, or unwrap has been used to give the illusion of a stereo image.
  • I/O = AES Digital @ 24bit 96k
    IR  Resolution = 24bit 96k

True Stereo compatible convolution reverb recommended.  (Check end of post for a manual routing alternative.) Recommended plug-in : liquidsonics Reverberate.




$ (min $1.00)


Presets for liquidsonics Reverberate (make sure your running at least v1.101)-  Bricasti M7 True Stereo Reverberate



Presets for Waves IR-1  Thanks to scanner –  Bricasti M7 (True Stereo) – Waves IR-1 –


MP3 comparison Demos:

Space Hardware
Space IR’s
Plate Hardware
Plate IR’s
Ambience Hardware
Ambience IR’s
Chamber Hardware
Chamber IR’s
Hall Hardware
Hall IR’s

You can thank Casey for the effort to make this happen.

Visit Bricasti Design for more information about their products.

Bricasti_Design_300 px

For those without an all-in-one True Stereo compatible plug-in, you can manually route your channels via this method.


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