RCA/A-iron Line EQ – Vintage Line EQ

RCA/A-iron Line EQ – Vintage Line EQ


  • Vintage stereo passive program line EQ + Classic American 312 preamp gain stage.
  • Captured via API conversion @ 24/96 & 24/44100
  • What is commonly referred to as a “program/tilt” EQ. This will shift the whole frequency spectrum. (Attenuates the lowend/increases the highed). This has a tilt point/center frequency @ 10khz. Everything below slowly decreases & above increases in gain.
    The smooth shelf boost @ 10khz & above is one of those “magic” engineering practices to add air to a signal. Much like the HF shelf on the Neve modules. This RCA pre-dates those by 20 or 30 years. Great for cleaning up muddy vocals/overheads/ect.
    On a side note – The API 312/transformers used for the makeup gain is an added bonus to the signal chain.


$ (min $1.00)

Usage Tips

  • Ideal for adding highend sheen or de-mudding a lowend heavy mix.



  • Nebula 3 pro

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