Reverb 480 – Nebula Programs

Reverb 480 – Nebula Programs

Goal = capture Nebula programs from the 480 reverb.


  • A continually growing collection of Factory & User defined programs. (Check for newly added programs). The 480 is no-doubt the most coveted & widely used reverb in the industry. The reverb most others are judged by.
  • Captured via the LFI-10 @ maximum samplerate & 24bit word-length.


  • $

Only want a few select programs? Only purchase what you need.

Nebula has taken the torch from standard IR convolution. This dynamic sampling technology brings hardware realism to the DAW. Learn more about the the Nebula Engine.

  • Nebula
  • Increased L FREQD duration to handle the long verb tails (located on the Nebula MAST page)

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