VM-Tube – Nebula Pro Program

VM-Tube – Nebula Pro Program

VM-Tube – Nebula Pro Program

Features & Info –

A pristine tube gain stage. Captured from a boutique VARIABLE MU mastering tube compressor known for it’s smooth boost characteristic. Eight vacuum tubes & custom transformers are behind this finished sound. Great for track, bus, & mastering duties.

  • 3 (free), & 7 kern (harmonics) Nebula Programs
  • Triode tube stage with smooth frequency response.
  • Sampled @ 24/96 with Lynx A/D D/A

Nebula has taken the torch from standard IR convolution. This dynamic sampling technology brings hardware realism to the DAW. Learn more about the the Nebula Engine.


  • $

  • Nebula Commercial

Frequency & Harmonic Plots.

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