True M7 – Impulse Pack

True M7 – Impulse Pack


Like true stereo hardware, true stereo IRs  process both the Left & Right channels independently for a more accurate & detailed emulation.

  • Goal = Capture True Stereo IR programs from the “legend in its own time” Bricasti Design M7 Stereo Reverb Processor.
  • 228  impulse files capturing the Ambience, Chamber, Hall, Plate, Room, &  Space  Registers.
  • Independent IR’s from both the Left & Right inputs.  No post processing pseudo stereo expansion, phase shifting, or unwrap has been used to give the illusion of a stereo image.
  • I/O = AES Digital @ 24bit 96k
    IR  Resolution = 24bit 96k

True Stereo compatible convolution reverb recommended.  (Check end of post for a manual routing alternative.) Recommended plug-in : liquidsonics Reverberate.




$ (min $1.00)


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