VM-Comp/Limiter – Nebula Programs

VM-Comp/Limiter – Nebula Programs


  • Variable Mu is known for it’s smooth polishing “GLUE”. A classic “auto leveling” tool.
  • Retains transient relationships within a mix. Allows control of the overall macro dynamics.
  • Flattering 2-bus frequency curve.
  • Smooth tube sound signature. (Wanting punch? checkout the DME 1968 & 165a)
  • Captured via Lynx conversion @ 24/96.
  • Variable Attack/Release


$ (min $1.00)

Usage Tips

  • Use your ears & not your meters. Tube compressors are extremely slow in comparison to VCA/FET designs. VariMu by nature will have slower attack &  longer release times. Use the MAKEUP GAIN/OUTPUT to set your final output level. Most importantly experiment.



  • Nebula 3 Pro 1.3.495 or newer


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