Audio/MIDI PassThru VST/i

Audio/MIDI PassThru VST/i

I found myself needing a VST plugin input destination while working on a current project. Not wanting to load a full featured cpu intensive VSTi just for routing purposes I was inspired to create this utility plugin.  I also took the time to add a direct MIDI device output.

Features :

  • Stereo audio PassThru
  • MIDI PassThru
  • Direct MIDI Device output.

UntitledAudio Midi passthru

Download – Audio MIDI

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  • Hi!

    A long time ago I downloaded a bunch of VST’s from your site at a time when you were cranking out a lot of them (feed-forward compressors, feed-back compressors, even the snap-crackle-pop that you still have listed here). My drive crashed and I was wanted to re-locate those VST’s. Do you still have them available?

    Thanks for any info regarding these!


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