Moog Drum Two – Samples & Live 8 Drum Rack

Moog Drum Two – Samples & Live 8 Drum Rack



This is the 2nd Moog Drum Sample Set & Live 8 Drum Rack  “Moog Drum Two”.  (The 1st can be downloaded  HERE.) You will find some nice deep tones in this set. Think 808 if it had a Minimoog filter.  I’ve created pitch macros for each sample. Being that it is sampled @ 96k you have plenty of  room to re-pitch those samples without quality loss for music production.

Captured @ 24bit/96k with Lynx converters & DBX 903 compression.

Analog Signal path = Moog Voyager-DBX 903’s-Console EQ-Dominator II- Lynx.

Six velocity samples per pad.

Raw Samples = Download : Mirror :

Live Drum Rack = Download : Mirror :
To install, extract the Pack with Live into a folder of your choosing. Then open the extracted project & save the Drum Rack into your library.

Price = Donationware You Decide

9 Responses to Moog Drum Two – Samples & Live 8 Drum Rack

  • Hi i have tried downloading this 3 times and it has not worked the zip file comes out of the terminal and it does not reciongise the extension.

    • Live isn’t associated with .alp files on your computer. Right Click on the .alp file, Get Info, & under Open with: select Live.

  • Does this only work with Live 8? I have Live 7… =P

  • hi ! thx for sharing this, but is it possible to share the wav? (ive got live 7 and i can’t open the pack for live 8 ….)

  • hello,

    thnx a lot for this!

    mind to give a quick explanation why there’s less problems with repitching at 96khz samplerate?

    all the best,

  • I’m having trouble getting these working in OS X. One of the rack files, Moog-DrumTwo, downloads as a UNIX executable and the other, Moog-Drum-One, downloads as a plain text file. I’ve tried associating the files with Live, but still can’t get them to load.

    I can load the WAVs into Live and I suppose I can assemble my own rack, but it’d be nice to see how you intended them to be laid out. Any suggestions would be awesome as I can’t wait to start using these sounds!

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