OberPre – Nebula Program

OberPre – Nebula Program

OberPre – Nebula Program



  • Classic analog synth Line Amp/Output stage.
  • Bring authentic color to the world of virtual synthesis.
  • -20 & -18 calibration standards.
  • Captured @ 24/96.


Name your price $ (min $1.00)

Program Demo Download – OberPreDEMO


  • Nebula Commercial

5 Responses to OberPre – Nebula Program

  • Thank you Eric!!

  • Finally something new from you! Great!!!

  • Eric, I´m waiting the Arp Odissey “pre” impatient!! I´m secure that it´d also work in other Arp vsti emulitions like Arturia Arp 2600 ´cause the similar sonic signature, it occur with this oberheim preset used in other Oberheim vsti emulations like DMX drum machine, etc…

    The Rhodes Piano “pre” would be other great idea for vsti emulations for add the analogue touch.

  • I can not unzip the demo files (Mac OS 10.8). Is there a problem with these files ? thank you

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