Lexicon PCM 90 Impulse Set

Lexicon PCM 90 Impulse Set

  • 192 impulse presets. Including Halls, Rooms, Plates, & Post FX.
  • Goal = capture the Lexicon PCM 90.
  • I/O = Digital


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5 Responses to Lexicon PCM 90 Impulse Set

  • Wow, this sounds really really good. Altiverb recognized it just fine. Great work, thanks so much Sir Beam! Check’s in the mail.

  • this site is superb…very nice sound.. the quality of sound is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, PROFESSIONAL and ORIGINAL


  • Is it possible to load these presets into the Lexicon PCM Native bundle plugin?

  • great stuf! so happy to find this again, a staple for sure! thank you!!

  • Sounds great. Just bought another impulse set of yours off the back of this and will be sure to purchase a few more over the coming weeks.

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