Analog Doubler – Nebula Programs

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  • Thank you, very cool. I have used this box many times in the past. What a joy to find it here, and for free! Amazing on bass, probably the only doubler for that job, (min. setting is perfect) at least in my experience. I love this thing! Great job!

  • Awesome thanks so much!!

  • Copied the files to the designated folders but doesnt seem to show up in nebula among the other presets.What are the names I should be looking for? Does it work with Neb2 commercial?

  • May Your Creative Endeavors Unfold Seven Times

    Thank YOU

  • How do you get them to work? I have neb2 commercial. What are the preset names and also which section of presets they belong to?

    thanks in advance

  • Hello. When i open in nebula it assumes a mono return and not stereo. Please let me know how do i change the return to stereo or how do i use it in stereo. Thanks. Help is much needed

  • Anyone, pleaseeeeeeeee

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