UNI-SPRING – Nebula Program

UNI-SPRING – Nebula Program

Goal = capture the UNIVIBE PRO VERB for use with Nebula


  • An authentic capture of a classic UNIVIBE spring verb in it’s full gritty, LoFi dub, surreal springtasic noisiness. “Warning” not suitable for the realist audiophile folk  =)
  • Sampled via an additional tube makeup stage & Lynx conversion.


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Nebula has taken the torch from standard IR convolution. This dynamic sampling technology brings hardware realism to the DAW. Learn more about the the Nebula Engine.


  • Nebula 3 pro
  • Increased L FREQD duration to handle the long verb tails (located on the Nebula MAST page)

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  • Hi Eric ,
    I just bought the uni-spring program and … it just doesn’t work , my cpu is going crazy and it sounds terrible . I’ve bought other programs from you ; they’re great and have no problems . of course i’m using the “Nebula Reverb” plugin that works fine with longer reverb programs like “140 Plate” or some other reverb programs from you .

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