Quantec QRS/XL Impulse set.

Quantec QRS/XL Impulse set.

  • Model = Quantec QRS-XL
  • Impulse capture method = Sweep
  • I/O = Analog
  • Format = 24bit 48k WAV
  • The Quantec room simulators are rare & unique. They have an eerie ability to create realistic enclosed atmosphere. It’s easy to understand the cult following of the Quantec sound. It’s rooms are 2nd to none.

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8 Responses to Quantec QRS/XL Impulse set.

  • Hi
    I had one of those reverbs once,and I have been missing the “rooms” for sometime,until now.
    Amazing quality.
    Thanks alot for bringing it back to me.

  • Seems that these amazing devices have a reincarnation as Quantec YardSticks.
    I’ve seen it on http://www.yardstick.de

  • Thanks man,Great job,lv it

  • Sorry about the noob question but how do I use these? What program do I need? I am using the epicVerb reverb plugin and I love the sound of the Quantec reverb soo much but can’t afford the $3400 a channel for it. Will these impulses work with epicVerb? If so, how, and if not, what would work? Thanks.

  • great job, thanks for the impulses!

  • How many impulse responses included?

  • Hi Eric. I just bought the Quantec QRS/XL Impulse set. Now here it says that this impulses are sweeps. I have listened to them and they are short shots. So which processing type do I have to choose now in Altiverb 7 to import them correctly? For these type of impulses there are 3 import options in Altiverb:

    1. Denecke Slate Claps
    2. Ambient Slate Claps
    3. Starter pistol shots

    All 3 options sound completely different, so I don’t know, which one to choose?

    Kind regards, Arthur

    • These IR’s have been made from a sweep signal. They have already been processed “Deconvolved” and are ready for use. You do not need to deconvolve them again via AltiVerb, select the “use dropped audio without post processing” menu option.

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