M5000 Impulse set.

M5000 Impulse set.

  • Model = T.C. M5000
  • Impulse capture method = Sweep
  • I/O = Digital
  • Format = 24bit 48k WAV
  • 96 impulse files including m5000 only algorithm captures.
  • Program categories = Ambience, Nonlin-1, Revcore1, Revcore2, Reverb-1, Reverb-3, Reverb-3, tapfac-1.

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8 Responses to M5000 Impulse set.

  • Thanks for your amazing contributions! Great plugs and info.

  • I would be interesting to hear it before downloading it, but I have to download it before hear it, I guess when you already download it, there’s not a lot of person that wanna pay for it, it’s a question of dignity…

    Now that kind of merchandising is really cool, and it should be like that for many many things.

    By the way, as impulses, I guess we can use it on every Convolution Reverb isn’t it?

    For those who uses Space Designer, or Altiverb, or anything else… I hope these impulses will be great and gives you a very good notoriety you know!

  • thx vieris, very generous of you, as usual!!

  • Thank you for your contribution Eric.

    Looking forward to hear these.

    Yes, I’ve donated 🙂


  • Thanks for the IRs, can’t wait to check them out. How do I import them in Altiverb? I tried just dragging the folder in the Audio Ease IR folder, but they don’t show up when I open Altiverb. Am I missing something?

  • I downloaded Lexicon M200. The responses are Wav files. I use Logic 8.0.2 and the impulses are in SDIR format. I can’t import them into Space Designer. What should I do?

  • Hey Johansen,
    follow this:

    click the ‘-‘ minus sign button beside the IR Sample button and select Load IR. When the IR is loaded go to the drop down menu (the one where you select presets) and select ‘Save setting as’ and give it a name to your new preset. Done 🙂

  • Thanks for the rapid reply Eric.
    The problem wasn’t with the downloadable files. I’ve already them in my hd. 😉

    I just want to talk with you via email. I tried several times but I’ve not received and answer.
    Please tell me where I can contact you.