December 1, 2009
AKA809 – Drum Sample Set



What is this all about? LoFi AKAI chunk. There is something about the AKAI Sampling & hardware down-sampling process that sounds damn cool. These are drum hit samples of the two notorious TR Rhythm Composers via an AKAI S20.

Sampled @ the S20s native rate of 16bit/32khz, then internally down-sampled to 16khz & recaptured @ 24bit/96khz via Lynx converters. HiFi LoFi.

Format = mono 24/96 .wav

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June 6, 2009
Moog Drum One – Samples & Live 8 Drum Rack



The Minimoog Voyager RME is an analog waveform sculpting masterpiece, especially with the add-on CV breakouts. Unlike many classic analog drum machines, the Voyager with its dual filters can create wonderful stereo imagery.  I’ve taken the time to program detailed percussive patches & from these i’m creating sample sets. This is the 1st “Moog Drum One” Samples Pack / Drum Rack for Ableton Live 8. (The 2nd can be downloaded  HERE.)

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June 3, 2008
Snap Crackle Pop (& Boom) Drum Vitalizer VST



Snap Crackle Pop (& Boom) Drum Vitalizer VST

Brings life to dull or badly recorded drums by adding synthetic body, subs, or attack.
– Independent stereo response
– Boom/Pop level control
– Crackle/Snap level control
– Clean signal amount
– Attack & decay response