SSTone Glue – Nebula Program

SSTone Glue – Nebula Program



  • Classic buss compressor tone capture.
  • Recreates the frequency response & harmonic distortion of the hardware.
  • Intended to be used in conjunction with algorithmic “SSL Type” compressors for authentic character & sound.
  • Stereo signal path/image.
  • Captured @ 24/96.





  • Nebula 3 pro Commercial

8 Responses to SSTone Glue – Nebula Program

  • Hi Eric,
    Basically it seems to make a lot of sense to add a program like this to an algorithmic processor – but I’m wondering what the effect will be if the algorithmic plug is not only emulating the compressor characteristics but additionally tries to emulate analog characteristics like frequ response/ harmonics etc. The SSL clones I normalize use try to do that. I’m convinced that Nebula really outperforms everything when it comes to the analog portion but what about the COMBINATION if both sections (Nebula prig + algorithmic plug) try to do the same? What do you think?

  • recommend ik buss or the glue? i intend to use this program with one or the other. can’t afford both at the moment. demo’d both, but couldn’t hear much difference. source material not ideal either.

  • Hi Eric.
    I bought this preset today and copy n2p and n2v file into my repository folder,but this preset didn’t appear.
    Other all presets working properly.
    Do you have any solution?

  • Hi. I’m not Eric, but did you put them in the proper respective folders (n2p in Programs and n2v in Vectors)?

  • Hi SWANG. Thank you for respond!
    I solve this issue now.

    SSTone Glue presets was placed properly, but one of another presets was wrong placed.
    I fix it and SSTone is appear together.

    I need to apologize for my fault, and my poor English.
    Thank you so much, SWANG.

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