Lexicon 480L Impulse set

Lexicon 480L Impulse set


  • Capture the studio standard Lexicon 480L .
  • 53  impulse files capturing the Ambience, Hall, Plate, Random Hall, & Room algorithms. Containing both Factory & User defined registers.
  • I/O = Analog via Lynx Aurora @ 24bit
  • Unit info – Dual 480L’s located @ POP Sounds studio A



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15 Responses to Lexicon 480L Impulse set

  • Thank you Eric for this set of Impulses. I love the 480L but now that i am working at home for many various reasons; i just simply do not have access to the real deal anymore (nor could i afford to pick one up either for that matter and space for accomodating even if i could!). So this pack is ideal and i am really looking forward to trying them all out

    All the best to you and thank you once again


    • Não estou conseguindo baixar alguém sabe me dizer o que acontece… Onde está escrito Dowload na frente ta escrito mirror tb

  • One problem though….Last night and this morning when i downloaded your Irs they worked perfectly. This morning I click on some and TL Space says it can’t read them. I can re load them and have TL Space but can you help me figure out the glitch? Once again, many thanks…


  • Thank you for this. Amazing work!

  • Thanks so much i am using Logic 8/Space designer
    will these work and do you have the pst file so i can make them come up on the main menu. Thanks Again Gary

  • You just have to load the IR and save the preset. You can drag those saved presets from the user-folder to library/appl.-suport/logic/plugin-settings/spacedesigner, if you want them in the factory-menu.
    Regards J.

  • This is a great sounding work, I made a series of tests and your impulses are the ones that sounded best to my ears, but I miss Bank18-Concert Halls and Bank20-Rich Plates, those are the ones i use most of the time, a big thanks to you… keep the excellent work.

  • I cant get the zip to expand

  • is the 480l (hardware) a true stereo reverb ?

    or does it mix the left+right input into one single mono signal
    and create a stereo reverb out of it ?

    thx in advance for any help on this topic 🙂
    alex hilton

  • I grabbed them for free.. I have never used an impulse before.. If I can get them to work I’ll be back with a donation.. thanks

  • Are the 480L files stereo/true stereo?

  • What format Do these come in please? I need them in wav or wir!

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