Four band frequency divider audio rack for Live.

Four band frequency divider audio rack for Live.

Transparent four band frequency divider audio rack for Live. This can be used for frequency dependent FX & mastering purposes. This uses subtractive phase techniques as opposed to minimal phase filtering. In other words this won’t change or color your audio.

Updated 4-21-08: New design with 24db filters & improved signal flow for low-end separation. Still maintains 100% transparency.


Outputs To Mixer Setup – divider-example.alp






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  • very cool. thanks for sharing.

  • Very nice! thanks this is great.

  • nice, ill try this right when i get home

  • brilliant!

    it’s indeed 100% transparent. and there’s no delay, right?

    if it’s this clean and easy, why do companies who make multiband products fill page after page talking about how they worked for ages on cross-over designs that have minimum distortions and delay?

    i replaced the live filter with sonalksis tbk to even get 48db/oct slopes. works great!

  • Thanks so much for this…it works perfectly and has let me apply some needed sidechain compression to only the lows of some loops….thanks so much.

  • Sorry, once again I just get a page of text/words/numbers when I try to download. It does seem like you do very detailed work. I was able to download and the Moog drums and they’re great. Very well done. What could one use all the impulses you’ve made in, I have Waves IRL/Trueverb etc. would I load the impulses into there? Sorry for the trouble. I will donate if I can actually figure this out.

    • Right Click
      Cick save link/file
      Save the file to your desktop.
      & yes the ir’s will work well with waves irL

  • I’m really interested in checking this out-thanks!


  • I think you can use it to set up a very nice multiband sidechain compression. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Thanks for these they have become an essential part of my setup!

  • The idea of duplicating and inverting the phase is quite brilliant. That said, the signal flow diagram on this page is extremely hard to see. Still great work!

  • mmm i’ve tried downloading it but ableton says it’s corrupt… tried with 3 browsers?

    do i need a certain version of ableton?

    thanks 😀

  • Why is the rack so HUGE for the actual splitting of the signal? And what exactly is the phase inverted HPF for exactly? In reaper I’d set up 3 band splits by simply placing your plug on the source channel, making it a 6 channel track, send to 3 different channels, and add effects on any band.

    I’m very lost looking at this rack, need some type of navigating to see a simpler way to do it.

  • Scratch most of the comment before, I see somewhat what it is now. You made this from scratch without actually using your VST Freq Divider. But your vst freq divider is much simpler and here’s the email I sent you guys. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A 3 BAND VERSION OF YOUR VST FREQ DIVIDER!

    Out of all the freq dividers I know of, only your divider was able to null.

    Out of araldfx, crossover 3 way, and RND SPL-IZER, none of those nulled in Live 8 using double buss technique.

    Could I PLEASE ask for a 3 Band Version your Freq Divider?

    Man, Bravo, you know your stuff.

  • Last note, very bad for me that the actual rack presets don’t work in Live 8. Anyone else run into this issue?

  • The presets work here in Live 8.1.x.. once you have the files downloaded, drag from the live browser and you will see it in its glory, then save the preset so it is stored where it should be. 🙂

  • hi,

    just letting you know, the following presets report as broken in 8.1.5:

    3 band 12db
    3 band 24db
    4 band 24db

    i’ve tried re-downloading multiple times in different browers but no luck. seems there is a compatibility issue with the newer point version(s).

    thanks for your hard work 🙂

  • for anyone finding this post and having trouble with downloads of the racks bring corrupted or showing up as wacky text files, I was able to work around it by getting the example alp file and saving the included 4 band divider to my Live library. Thanks rhythminmind– this is something I’ve been trying to find/create for a while now.

  • Hi,

    There’s a problem with some of the files in Ableton 8… it says the files are “probably broken”. Both 3-band files and the 24db 4-band file seem to be affected.

    Are you using these at the moment in Live or are you using a different method?

    All the best,


    • I kicked Live to the curb just after 8 was released. If someone opens them into a Live 7 project & re-saves them i’ll host the “ver 8” files.

  • What are you using now instead of Live?

  • Please could you update broken presets and ad 3 band one so we can use it in Ableton 8.2.6

    I tried to rebuild it by myself but i just can’t understand it.

  • They are all working now. Working as i write this down. Thank you for your kind support and for your time.


  • Hi!,
    thank you thats really awesome! i tried by myself to create such a frequency splitter and totally failed. nice idea to to inverse the frequency which you want to seperate from the rest!

    my problem was that one than more chain in the audio effect rack causes an increase in volume and thats totally crap. its impossible to set the chains without getting another volume level.

    i found only one little bug: in the 24 db freq dividers the low mid and low x-over chains are swapped at the output, means only wrong named but causes little bit confusion which is the low mid and the low ;).

    and another question: whats the advantage of the 24 db dividers? because i don´t found any improvement as i inversed a second signal to the first with dividers on it. with the spectrum from ableton live its easily to see that there are still some signals but extremely quiet at around -190 db 😉 but with the 24 db dividers this doesn´t changed. and how you got the 24 db octaves with the eq from live?

    sorry for asking many questions but its an interesting topic and i´m glad to finally find something with gives me very good results. with the utility tool its possible to put after every frequency chain a seperation for the mono and side signals, so it would be possible to work with mid/ side processing for each band.

    very nice!! 😉

  • My Favorite. Now that the eqs would be operating in shelf scaling legacy mode, do you have any recommendations for using this rack in Live 9? Should I keep it intact as it comes in or update any settings? Cheers to you

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