LApreA Gain Stage – Nebula Program

LApreA Gain Stage – Nebula Program


  • Amplifier/transformer stage from a classic opto tube leveling amplifier.
  • Captured @ 24/192khz.
  • -18 calibration standard
  • Stereo signal path.




  • Nebula 3 pro

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  • This is awesome and amazing sounding. I have purchased all of your Nebula libraries, and they are all a great addition to my studio arsenal and essential for my digital audio. These free ones are really “icing on the cake”! They are as good as any of the paid for presets!! Truly a gift to the audio community from a great soul in the audio world.

  • Thank you for this. I would be willing to pay for a native 44.1. khz version of this library. Is there a plan to release one?

  • I know I’ve already commented on this great Neb preset, but now that I’ve used it on many sources, I just had to add that it is AMAZING. Subtle, of course. That’s how these presets work. But very very nice. Thanks so much Eric. I would have been happy to pay for this one!!

  • Eric, you are incredible!! Thank you!!

  • master of the universe

  • Hi again Eric,

    I’ve been using the 44.1 kHz version of this amazing library for a few weeks now without issue. However, this afternoon I loaded it onto my bass track and heard some weird static. Static went away when I bypassed, so I began to fiddle with a few settings in Nebula. The only thing that made the static stop was cranking the Liqdt fader up to 100%. Do you have any insights on this? I was told not to mess with Liqdt, but in this case, it eliminated my issue. Will this, in your opinion, affect the sound in any undesirable way?

    Thanks! Your Stripe 76 is incredible, btw!

    • Are you sure is it has correctly rate converted? Is the sample-rate indication blinking? Let me know what your MAST page settings are set to.

  • No sample-rate indicators blinking (I always close and reopen my daw when they blink, and that stops it). Which MAST page settings did you want me to post?

    • Update: figured this out. In messing with the “Timed Kernal” settings, I actually had set the clean, even and odd kernals to “Timed”, which, as we know, triggers a bug in Nebula. In switching only the clean and even (or just the clean) kernals to “Timed”, I find the sound to be extremely pleasing.

      Thanks for your assistance, Eric. Keep up the great work…

  • the high frequency comes alive with this on.. everything was lifeless and with this preamp the sounds become colorfull.. tiny bits of frequency are effected…

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