L-401 Vintage Console

L-401 Vintage Console

Update: Line, Mic, & Master Bus Captured.

Vintage 1960’s American console path.  Discrete circuitry, with transformer character.


  • Discrete console EQ. Broad musical boost gain, with smooth shelf attenuation. Frequency selection = 50, 100, 1k, 3k, 5k, 10khz  – +/- 12dB
  • Line input channel.
  • Mic input channel.
  • Stereo Bus path.
  • Transformer coupled signal path.
  • -20 & -18 calibration standards.
  • Captured @ 24/96.


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TIP – Pair with the Vintage L Filter Set for console matched filter functionality.


EQ Demo


Sampled Console Information

Each channel-strip consist of a very simple, single ended class A amplifier block for the mic preamp, with equalization in the feedback path. The input and output are both transformer isolated. These are the modules that Manley based their new production Manley/Langevin Dual Mono preamp upon. I’d suggest googling “Langevin AM4” to find some interesting information.

The eq is 2 bands, high and low, each band with 3 selectable frequencies. The boost/cut controls are stepped, and have a peaking response in boost settings and a shelving response in the cuts. This eq’s simplicity and broad bandwidths give it a very smooth, natural sound. What it lacks in options it easily makes up for in sweetness. Very nice sounding eq.

The amplifier has 4 selectable pad positions, 20 dB each, for up to 60 dB of pad prior to the input transformer. As a result this can accept both mic and line levels through the same single input. I’ve included separate “Line” and “Mic” Level captures. These inputs are essentially identical, except that the character/response is different do to the input level settings.



  • Nebula 3 pro


6 Responses to L-401 Vintage Console

  • Hi, Eric, it looks so good. I´m a 50s/60s guy and got your Langevin filters a time ago, very useful for certain things. I don´t know what gear is this, maybe Langevin too?

    In other line of thoughts, are you planning to sample some 50s or early 60s console?
    It´s just because the most of sampled gear related to “60s” or “vintage” sound is really from late 60s. They are very very good consoles and gear but the sound is so different from 50 or early 60s gear, the recordings of one and other era sound really different. That´s why I´d like to get some early stuff. The Bogen console from MichaelAngel is incredible and I use it a lot but I´d like to have any other consoles sounding this way, with all the missings (things like the so limited low freqs) wich contribute to this era’s sound and make this gear so different from today’s sounds.

    Thanks anyway and saludos!

  • Hi Eric, the eq’s sound absolutely amazing. A true nebula gem! Do you plan to release an interpolated version? I hope I’m not asking too much but these are so great I’d like to use them on every band possible. 🙂

  • I just wanted to leave a message that this is a really special console, I’m using the Bus at -20 on everything. I find some Nebula consoles to make things sound too big and modern, this console sounds deep and focused as opposed to just wide. Deep, focused, and beautiful in the high end. Thanks for your great work!

  • Hi Eric!

    I’m really super impressed with this library. It has such a genuine character. My first stop was to drive a mono OH through it and there it was – that deep woody tone, instantly brings John Simon/The Band to mind! And the bus and EQ programs are really special too.

    Just wondering about the EQ programs, at high boost amounts are we getting the additional saturation from the channel output xfo too? how close do you feel this is to a 1:1 with the unit when using the EQ after the preamp programs?

    I can’t wait to finish this mix and then do another and another… this one feels really good! Well done amigo.

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