LEVel Up Gain Stage

LEVel Up Gain Stage


  • Sought after makeup gain/bus amplifier. Inspired by the Ampex tape deck repro push-pull circuit.
  • Elegant discrete component signal path.
  • Flattering frequency response.
  • Stereo signal path/image.
  • Captured @ 24/96.
  • -20 & -18 calibration standards.


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  • Nebula 3 pro

4 Responses to LEVel Up Gain Stage

  • Hi Eric,

    in your words: How would you differ Level Up and A-American/British Gain libraries? Thanks and I love your stuff!

  • Thanks for doing these great programs.
    Could you be so kind to explain a little more about the real hardware and how it’s used in analog world?
    It’s a part of an Ampex recorder? And the push pull?
    Excuse my ignorance, I have no contact with thhis kind of gear but I like to know it in order to use it the way it’s used in analog way.
    Thanks in advance and saludos!

  • Great program! Very useful tool to help clean up mud/analog-gone-wild, especially if you love to overdrive signal for effect. I wouldn’t use on the 2-bus otherwise – if your mix is balanced, it will become too top-heavy. Would also sound great on acoustic guitars, percussion, snare, or anywhere you need extra presence, and less LF. Very nice stereo image. Thanks!

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