Stripe 76 Compressor

Stripe 76 Compressor


  • Recreation of the legendary Rev A. Blue Stripe (not to be confused with the more common Rev B. Blue Stripe). Only 100 hundred or so ever made it out of the factory & who knows how many are still in existence.
  • Faithfully recreated input/output transformers. (unlike reissues)
  • 15 different hardware modes/programs captured @ 24/96.

Program Specs

  • Variable Attack.
  • Fixed Release per program. (Fast, Med, & Slow)
  • Fixed Ratio per program. (4, 8, 12, 20, & All In)


  • Name your price $

Usage Tips

  • Use your ears & not your meters. Set MAKEUP GAIN/OUTPUT for final output level, & Most importantly experiment.
  • Use as a coloring device even without compression. Set threshold to 0 & only take advantage of the preamp/transformer signal path.




  • Nebula 3 Pro 1.3.495 or newer


8 Responses to Stripe 76 Compressor

  • Being skeptic towards Nebula compression overal I bought just yesterday Stripe 76 and Drawmer BIG programs and WooooooW what a difference.. I literaly almost shited my pants when first loading Stripe 76 on a drum bus.. this is incredible how much punch and clarity it has comparing to waves cla, ik tracks 76..
    Greeeeaaat work Mr Eric!!
    (please do yourself a favor and put some more extreme compression audio demo above, this one doesn`t show what Your programs can do) 😉

  • hey, many many thanks for this work. It just awesome. It really blow out my idea of a compression plugin.
    Clear, strong, focused… very nice sound.
    I´ll be keeping an eye on your developments, and for sure invest some of my savings… ::: Congratulations!

  • Just bought two of your stripe 76 programs. I dont often return to people website to say thank you for the product. but after trying it out i suddenly realised that many of the big named company’s have just been cheating me out of my money for the last ten years.

    They stamp the label closest to analogue and paste up some audio which they have pre or post prossesed with real top notch hardware and wait for people like me to cash in a reap millions of cash.

    I’ve always wondered why my mixes were not sounding like professional CD’s something was always missing. I now realised that all the expensive software i was using to compress my sound were suashing quite alright but without the bounce and elasticity your stripe 76 seems to place on my sounds. It gives my mixes sheen that actually improves the audio I passesd through.

    Most software comps seem to put a kind of grainy pastry on the sound whilst squishing it.


  • You seriously don’t get enough credit for the work you are doing. I just purchased the new UAD 1176 comps and while they are certainly amazing, theres only one plugin that can trash the UAD plugs at any moment… that is YOUR 76 Dynamics library for Nebula. It’s really too bad that more engineers simply have not a clue how to use Nebula or take advantage of the creatively programmed VECTORS you’ve pulled out of these amazing compressor limiters. KUDOS

  • just amazed, i have tried every dam 1176 vst emu and thought what is all the hype when there is no sound hype…….
    well after messing with this and my golden age outboard comp in the last few days i can say its sounding analog
    this 1176 set just slams on the elektron machinedrum, impressive job, thank you again

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