RCA/A-iron Line EQ – Vintage Line EQ

RCA/A-iron Line EQ – Vintage Line EQ


  • Vintage stereo passive program line EQ + Classic American 312 preamp gain stage.
  • Captured via API conversion @ 24/96 & 24/44100
  • What is commonly referred to as a “program/tilt” EQ. This will shift the whole frequency spectrum. (Attenuates the lowend/increases the highed). This has a tilt point/center frequency @ 10khz. Everything below slowly decreases & above increases in gain.
    The smooth shelf boost @ 10khz & above is one of those “magic” engineering practices to add air to a signal. Much like the HF shelf on the Neve modules. This RCA pre-dates those by 20 or 30 years. Great for cleaning up muddy vocals/overheads/ect.
    On a side note – The API 312/transformers used for the makeup gain is an added bonus to the signal chain.


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Usage Tips

  • Ideal for adding highend sheen or de-mudding a lowend heavy mix.



  • Nebula 3 pro

8 Responses to RCA/A-iron Line EQ – Vintage Line EQ

  • I have tried demo and I am impressed. The only thing that I get hung up on is that if you buy both the 96000kHz and 44100kHz you don’t get the second one any cheaper like some other Nebula program developers let you have. Regards!

  • Bought this yesterday. Just used it to brighten up a piano which had the Pooltech (+3db @ 3k) handling the job. I like the RCA much better! It retains a more natural sound, and it didn’t take much (less than 1 on the knob). Sweet. Just for kicks, I tried it on a bass with no tilt. It cleared up mud and focused the sound just going through the pre/iron. Love it, and thanks for keeping your prices so low!

  • Excuse my ignorance, but what I should buy (96 or 44)? How can I know about this?

  • what is the best volume or RMS level to enter your plugins Eric?

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