DME 1968 FET/Tube Compressor

DME 1968 FET/Tube Compressor


  • A modern studio classic known for it’s big open sound & solid low end.
  • Captured via Lynx conversion @ 24/96.


  • DME 1968 STD – Attack Time = 2-50ms Release Time = 100-1000ms
  • DME 1968 BIG – “Big” switch engaged (side-chain filter) – Attack Time = 2-50ms Release Time = 100-1000ms


  • Name your price $

Usage Tips

  • Understanding compression is equal part science & art. For those new to compression I recommend adjusting the THRESHOLD & INPUT to set the desired amount of compression. Use your ears & not your meters. Set your ATTACK time to your desired amount of slap/punch. Use the RELEASE to shape & color your sound. Fast release times can really smooth things out. It’s equal part saturation & peak limiting combined. Longer release times can emphasize the attack transients. Use the MAKEUP GAIN to set your final output level. Most importantly experiment.
  • The DME 1968 is an excellent Channel or Bus insert.


  • Nebula 3 Pro 1.3.475 or newer


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