Amp Deluxe – Nebula Programs

Amp Deluxe – Nebula Programs

Amp Deluxe Red – Program

  • Modified “Deluxe” amp with NOS JAN 6189w tubes.
  • RED Type B microphone with R8 Lollipop.
  • Recorded via Hardy M1 Preamps

Amp Deluxe MD1 – Program

  • Modified “Deluxe” amp with NOS JAN 6189w tubes.
  • Hand built (Pre buy out) Model 1 tube microphone with NOS JAN tube.
  • Recorded via Hardy M1 Preamps

Amp Deluxe PZM – Program

  • Modified “Deluxe” amp with NOS JAN 6189w tubes.
  • Original Wahrenbrock PZM Microphones & custom “wedge”.
  • Off center alignment for true stereo imaging.
  • Recorded via Hardy M1 Preamps


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13 Responses to Amp Deluxe – Nebula Programs

  • Nice, gotta love Fender

  • Any audio examples

  • Is this Amp and cab then? Didn’t know that amps were really possible on Nebula yet. It sounds good. 🙂

  • Yes the signal path is from both the amp & cab. Nebula is perfect for this, it can capture both amps & cabs with very high detail. Much more so then standard IR’s.

  • I see, most people just are just doing the cabs. Must be the distortion break-up that people are saying Nebula can’t really do…yet.

  • Of course Tape booster in stages is an exception.
    I suppose guitar distortion could probably be pulled off in stages like that if the new Core III engine still needs a boost in the distortion department.

  • Nebula & heavy saturation/clipping distortion is still evolving. But with this being a clean Fender channel & cab It doesn’t fall into category. It’s a similar process when capturing tube gain stages or reverbs.

  • Hi, sounds good. How would you say it compares to the better modeling software like Vintage Amp Room?Thanks, Lapo

    • Amp sims can generally model many different heads/cabs. This is a highly detailed singular “fender” capture. Nebula excels at capturing realistic room response & signal chain. This is the advantage Nebula has over algorithmic sims.

  • Hello Again, Im considering buying this, as it sounds superb.I’d like to know if I could play this live with very low latency(30 samples in my buffer or so ) with a 2.4 ghz macbook and 4 gigs of ram. And if not, would this be possible by running it in windows(faster) utilizing the nvida graphic processor with CUDA? Thanks alot and keep up the good work, Lapo

  • Eric, this Deluxe program sounds amazing. Is this really Nebula??? Sounds just like a real miced amp. MUUUCH better than VAR. It has more realistic presence and you can hear those little subtle nuances and harmonics.

    I was about to jump on this and then I saw that this is for Nebula 3 Pro. I have Nebula 2. Will this work with Nebula2? If so, I’ll probably get this. Otherwise, I might have to pass for now since I only have Neb 2.

    Also, is there any chance that you could do a Plexi or JCM800 through a Marshall cabinet and Sm57? It sounds like their are limitations on what Nebula can do in the high gain territory but those models aren’t exactly super high gain. Anyways, thanks for your time. Look forward to hearing from ya.

  • Wow! The best clean amp/cab sim out there, PERIOD! These blow away the Amplitube Fender models, and they’re pretty damn good themselves. Excellent job, Eric. I will be using these for all of my clean guitar tracks from here on out. Latency is definitely useable “live” if you have a decent computer and setup Nebula the right way. Much easier than mic’ing up my 70’s Fender Vibro Champ and sounds just as good (or maybe even better?). Bravo!

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