T-Res Filter – Nebula Program

T-Res Filter – Nebula Program

Goal = capture the analog LowPass filter from the JoMox T-res.


  • 24 dB pole lowpass filter transistor cascade.
  • Captured @ 24bit/96k


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Frequency Plot


  • Nebula 3 pro


3 Responses to T-Res Filter – Nebula Program

  • This has FLAVOR! Thanks:)

  • insane on the poly 6 vst emu
    i cant believe i am hearing an analog filter for the first time in a computer
    just remarkable sampling 🙂 nothing is close

  • Any chance of sampling an arp 2600 filter? or moof modular? I noticed all the kontakt instruments have all this old analog gear, but when you look twice the filters used are the kontakt filters, bummer, some amazing recreations but no real sampled filter.

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