Vintage Iron – Nebula Program

Vintage Iron – Nebula Program

Features & Info –

Three Vintage audio transformer stages.  UTC Transformers are used in many classic analog designs. (Example vintage Universal Audio). They are a large part of analog sound & character.  They modify frequency/transient response & add mild saturation.

  • Three captured UTC A10, A21, & A22 Transformers
  • Sampled @ 24/96 with Lynx A/D D/A


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Nebula has taken the torch from standard IR convolution. This dynamic sampling technology brings hardware realism to the DAW. Learn more about the the Nebula Engine.


  • Nebula

Frequency & Harmonic Plots.





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  • Eric – I’m not a technical guy, so I was wondering if you could say a few words about these transformers. Are each of them simply a slightly different flavor? Does one lend itself to a particular kind of material more than another? Thanks!


  • Love the U21 – adds a certain creaminess to the sound. Nice to use with software algo compressors 🙂

    Where is the U10?

  • Eric, I just bought the u21 & u22. Holy Sh*T!!! What took me so long? What these do for vocals is unreal (or really real)! I just tested them on some vocal tracks and was blown away. I instantly heard that classic warm, fat, but clear sound that all of the best, IMHO, old tube preamps have. Amazing. I’m sure they’ll be useful for many other things as well. Everybody, if you don’t have these, get ’em.
    Unfortunately, the A10 seems to be unavailable for purchase (at least *I* can’t see it). Is the problem on my end or yours? When I can see it, I’ll buy it!


  • Just bought the U21, to be honest I don’t hear it… maybe I have to try different material… I am using it in 44.1.


  • I take that back,… HOLY SHIT, I ran drums through it, the vocals I used before sucked!

  • The 3 of them really Rocks , I like the U 10 pretty much on the Master BUS ! Great Work Eric …

  • Yes the U 10 really shines!!! I’m using it really often for mastering and i’ve very very pleased with the result.

  • Thanks everyone, always glad to see these getting good use.

  • Eric,
    why the U21 has only 4 kernels? U10 has 8 kernels.


  • I would just like to find out if the improved version of the U10 program is included in the purchased download (Usually the updates would have a “Download” sign next to it. This one doesn’t).

  • Just FANTASTIC Plugins Eric !!! Appreciate your expertise!

  • hello eric! how are you? my name is paulo and im from south brazil. i justa bough u21 and u22 transformers. what conections you did to tranformers ? i habe u21 ans u22 here, and wanna use in real time. you add any resitor? any tip? thanks, paulo

  • Can anyone offer some guidance on usage? Simple things like where to place them in a chain? Noob question perhaps, but I haven’t seen this info posted or in a manual I’m afraid. I do know that some hardware has transformers and some doesn’t. Preamps and comps come to mind. Is it an idea to put one of these after each of those? Or is that too much? Or perhaps these are meant to replace a Nebula preamp?

    And are any of these transformers typically preferred for vocals, drums, keys etc?

    I’m happy to experiment, but I don’t want to shoot off in the wrong direction, Some basic enabling would be greatly appreciated!

  • are these designed to be hit at -18dbfs RMS? They do a lot of very interesting transient bending, I’m curious to recreate a dual-transformer channel strip with a tube in the middle, would I be wise to use my normal ref level and leave the drive alone, or is this designed for 0dbfs peaks? I need a little more info on this interesting lib. 🙂

  • Great plugin. Works with N4, adds heft, body, and you can hear the iron on bass guitar-subtle, but there! Great on kick, toms, and I’m sure, anything you run through it. Put it where you want-just after the pre when I can. Running around -18dbfs then push the interface. Cool.

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