June 3, 2008
Snap Crackle Pop (& Boom) Drum Vitalizer VST



Snap Crackle Pop (& Boom) Drum Vitalizer VST

Brings life to dull or badly recorded drums by adding synthetic body, subs, or attack.
– Independent stereo response
– Boom/Pop level control
– Crackle/Snap level control
– Clean signal amount
– Attack & decay response


May 20, 2008



MBD-1 Multi-Band Distortion

Key Features.
– Up to 3 Stages of distortion with 20 modes each + bypass.
– Pre/Post Gain
– Distortion amount, including negative values.
– Full Mix & Individual Outputs for modular hosts. Great for post processing of individual bands.
– Visual scope to see the destruction.
– Nice N Smooth or with all 3 stages as Evil as you want.

Potential Excessive Gain Warning! A post chain compressor is recommend.

Download – MBD-1k

Download – MBD-1 button style stage select version

Audio Demo – Heavly distorted live drums.

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